Anthroponyms seta CONFALONIERI, Celso (?-1627)

A member of the Society of Jesus that mainly worked in Japan, he was born in Milan and died in Macau on 28 October 1627. He entered the Society on 14 May 1572 and headed to the East in 1584, arriving in Japan in 1586. In August 1591, he professed four vows and was the novice master during many years, being the director of the novitiates started in 1595, 1602 and 1607. In 1606, he was in Katsusa, where he composed the book of sermons, and was the superior of the Hakata residence in 1613. He returned to Macau in November 1614, and soon after, he became a consultor and fellow to the provincial. By the beginning of 1616, he was appointed visitator of the Macau college, becoming its rector by August 1618.

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Author: Teresa Lacerda
Translated by: John Silva

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