Anthroponyms seta PACHECO, António

Dom Fernando, Earl of Arraiolos, was appointed governor of the Moroccan stronghold, after the death of Dom Fernando de Meneses, captain of Ceuta, in 1445. However, the Earl only arrived to Ceuta in 1447. Until then, António Pacheco was the one to manage the stronghold. According to Alejandro Correa de França (chronicler), his election followed the tradition of choosing someone from the main individuals in the fortified stronghold for the position of interim-captain (which the king did not provide for). Commander ? in ? chief and Chief Alcaide of Ceuta, António Pacheco was appointed due to his great worth and military experience.

In the end of 1448 - beginning of 1449, António Pacheco governed this Moroccan stronghold once more, when the Earl of Arraiolos visited the court of Dom Afonso V.

FRANÇA, Alejandro Correa de, Historia de la mui nobre y fidelíssima Ciudad de Ceuta, introdução de Carlos Posac Mon, Ceuta, Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta/Consejería de Educación y Cultura, 1999.

Author:Maria Dávila
Translated by: Marília Pavão

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