Anthroponyms seta MENDONÇA, Cristóvão de (?-1532)

A nobleman of the Royal House and member of the Royal Council, he was the son of Diogo de Mendonça, Chief Alcaide of Mourão and captain of the crossbowmen. His mother, Dona Brites Soares, was the illegitimate daughter of Fernão Soares de Albergaria, Lord of Prado. Cristovão de Mendonça was the brother-in-law of Dom Jaime, Duke of Bragança, whom his sister, Dona Joana de Mendonça, had married in 1520. Dona Ana de Mendonça, mother of Dom Jorge, Duke of Coimbra, was his first cousin. In 1514, he received the habit of the Order of Christ. In 1519 he departed for the Orient as captain of a ship and, in 1522, he was Admiral of a Fleet on a mission to discover the Island of Gold. The date of his return to the Kingdom is unknown. In 1527 India claimed him again, this time as Captain of Ormuz, a position he would hold from 1527 to 1532, when he passed away due to illness.

LACERDA, Teresa, Os Capitães das Armadas da Índia no Reinado de Manuel I ? uma avaliação social, Cascais, Câmara de Cascais, 2008, no prelo.

Author: Teresa Lacerda
Translated by: Maria João Pimentel

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