Anthroponyms seta LOMELLINI, Marco

A merchant born in Genoa, son of Odoardo Lomellini and Andreola di Matteo Lomellini, he married a Portuguese woman with whom he had two sons, Duarte and Francisco, both of whom were Portuguese natives by right, given the circumstances of their births.

He settled in Lisbon and was authorized in 1440 to live in Portugal and to trade his goods in the kingdom freely; he received a guarantee of safety for himself as well as for his possessions and merchandise, for a period of three years. This letter of insurance was renewed on 27 January, 1443, for another three years. He established a wide financial and commercial network, receiving a letter of privilege from King Dom Afonso V. A great portion of his income resulted from his business on a larger scale, the exportation of cork, on which he held a monopoly through a treaty signed on 21 June, 1456, and which he shared with Domenico Scotto, who was also Genoan. He had a one-time intervenience in the Madeira sugar production. He appears to have been the banker of Dr. João Fernandes da Silveira, who would become Dom João da Silveira, Baron of Alvito.

He returned to Genoa, where on 5 June, 1469 he received from Dom Afonso V the nomination of consul of the Portuguese settled in that city. In 1471, he received a letter of Portuguese naturalization from the same monarch, which was conferred on Giovan Battista Lomellini and Francesco Calvo as well.

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Author: Raquel Prazeres
Translated by: Maria João Pimentel

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