Anthroponyms seta GIL, Leonel

Groom of the Privy Chamber of Infante Dom Henrique, he was the son of Gil Eanes. In 1445, he was part of Lançarote de Lagos? fleet whose main task was to avenge the death of Gonçalo de Sintra in the island of Tider (1444). Along with Pero Alemao, Gil Gonçalves and other crew members, he participated in the disembarkation on this island where 20 natives were killed and 17 were captured. In 1446, one Leonel Gil, squire of Infante Dom Henrique, and later his gentleman, occupied the position of clerk of taxes in Lagos. Joao Silva de Sousa states that after the death of the Infante, this Leonel Gil was transferred to the king?s House. Likely, these facts refer to the same individual.
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Author: Teresa Lacerda

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