Anthroponyms seta COSME Takai (1554-?)

Clergy of the Society of Jesus who worked in Japan. He was born in Miyako, around 1554. He started collaborating with the missionaries as a dojuku and he entered the Society in 1573. In 1582 he was in the Takatsuki residence, and in 1587, when the anti-Christian edict of Toyotomi Hideyoshi took place, he remained in Honshû, with priest Organtino Gnecchi-Soldo. In August 1590 he was one of the Japanese clergy to witness the consultation which had been promoted by Alexandre Valignano. He taught Japanese from 1592 to 1603; during this period he also helped writing some books. Between 1606 and 1613 he was in the Nagasaki residence. There is no other account of his presence in Jesuit documents from this date on.

COSTA, João Paulo Oliveira e, O Cristianismo no Japão e o Episcopado de D. Luís de Cerqueira, dissertação de doutoramento em História apresentada à Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, 1998 (texto fotocopiado).

Author: Helena Rodrigues
Translated by: Dominique Faria.

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