Anthroponyms seta BARDI, Jacome de (?-1588)

A Merchant of Florentine origin, he belonged to the de? Bardi family of bankers, who became established in Lisbon during the 15th century. He married Antonia de Azevedo and resided in Terreiro de São Mamede. He had four children, one boy and three girls.

As of 1543, his name appeared in the list of gold deliveries to the mint.

He had significant commercial connections with the Giraldi and Affaitati Houses and was the heir of another Florentine merchant, Luca Giraldi, who was his friend.

In March 1575, he was granted the Mina contract as well as the customs house one.

In April 1576, António Vecchietti (agent of the Grand Duke of Tuscany), advised him regarding the possibility of the execution of a contract with King Dom Sebastião for trading spices (especially pepper). On September 23rd of the same year, Jacome Bardi thanked the Grand Duke of Tuscany for his satisfaction with the work done relatively to the aforementioned contract and informed him of the possibility of collecting more pepper and sending it to Livorno Harbor, if the Grand Duke were to make his galleys available.

During the period following the acclamation of Cardinal Dom Henrique as King of Portugal, which was also a period of declining Florentine influence in Lisbon, Jacome Bardi remained a leading figure in the Portuguese economy until his death, as well as a reference for all the merchants who aspired to enter into Portuguese business.

He died on 31 March, 1588, and was buried in São Francisco Church.

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Author: Raquel Prazeres
Translated by: Maria João Pimentel

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