Anthroponyms seta LOMELLINI, Bartolomeo

A merchant of Genoese origin, who resided in Lisbon in 1424, where he was in the business of negotiating loans involving the collection of rents and the adjudication of contracts. Together with the Italian Bartolommeo Marabotto and some Portuguese merchants, he established a contract to supply wheat to the fortified stronghold of Ceuta. In 1443, he was exempted from paying the dizima tithes on some of the merchandise from Genoa.

ALESSANDRINI, Nunziatella, Os italianos na Lisboa de 1500 a 1680: das hegemonias florentinas às genovesas (tese de doutoramento), Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, 2009.

Author: Raquel Prazeres
Translated by: Maria João Pimentel

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