Anthroponyms seta ROLIM, D. Francisco de Moura

13th governor of Brazil.

Dom Francisco de Moura, born in Pernambuco, the nephew of Cristóvão de Moura, had served in the Flemish war and had just ended his term as governor of Cape Verde when he was appointed governor of Brazil on the 3rd of December, 1624.

A promise had been made to him that the Crown would provide considerable help to assist him in his task, and that people and supplies would soon arrive from other captaincies.

Dom Francisco was told to occupy the several strongholds in the Recôncavo and to organize a flotilla of armed ships.

On 22 March 1625, the expected help arrived in Bahia with the armada of Dom Fradique de Toledo. After the siege was laid, the city was conquered and the Dutch expelled.

Dom Fradique entrusted Dom Francisco de Moura with the task of governing the city and the latter committed himself to repairing all damage caused by the fights in Salvador.

He ruled until 1626.

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Author: Rita Domingues
Translated by: Leonor Sampaio da Silva

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