Anthroponyms seta SOUSA, D. João de (?-1513)

Initially known simply as João Rodrigues de Sousa, he would become known as Dom João de Sousa after 1490, when his father Rui de Sousa received the title of nobility. He gained notoriety in 1475, when King Afonso V invaded Castilian territory. Benefiting from a paternal renunciation, he would be named justice of the peace by King John II in 1490. He would continue to find favor with King Manuel I, who named him justice of the peace and captain of the town of Nisa in 1497 and guard in 1510.

This nobleman had a brief maritime experience while he was captain of the recently-created Moroccan fortress of Graciosa in 1489. A grave illness would force him to give up his post and rapidly return to the Kingdom, which meant that he was not involved in defending the demise of the Portuguese presence in this area. It should be noted that Dom João was part of the Portuguese delegation, headed by his father, which negotiated the Portuguese-Castilian Treaty of Tordesilhas in 1494. This involvement led him to become acquainted with the Catholic King and Queen of Castile, who demonstrated their friendship publicly when he returned to their kindom with the entourage of King Manuel I in 1498.

He died on December 16 of 1513 and was buried in Évora in the monastery of São Francisco.

PELÚCIA, Alexandra, Martim Afonso de Sousa e a sua Linhagem ? A Elite Dirigente do Império Português nos Reinados de D. João III e D. Sebastião, Lisboa, UNL-FCSH, 2007, dissertação de doutoramento policopiada.

Author: Alexandra Pelúcia

Translation: Rosa Simas

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