Anthroponyms seta FERNANDES, António (1555-1630)

Clergy of the Society of Jesus who worked mostly in Japan. Born around 1555 in Nobrega, in the Diocese of Braga, he died in Macao on 13 October, 1630. He was admitted to the Society in India April 1576. He arrived in Japan on 31 July, 1585. For the following three decades, he worked in the region of Hizen. In 1590, he was the Superior of the residence at Chijiwa and, in 1595-96 he was in Omura. In 1599, his training completed, he professed the vows of Spiritual Coadjutor. In 1603, he remained in the territories of Omura, managing the residence at Kori. After the apostasy of Omura Yoshiaki, he remained in the region, for he was in Fudoyama between 1607 and 1613. In November 1614, he departed for Macao, returning to Japan July 1617. He left the country permanently the following year, probably in October. After that, he worked at the mission in Cochin-China (Southern Vietnam).

Bibliography: COSTA, João Paulo Oliveira e, O Cristianismo no Japão e o Episcopado de D. Luís de Cerqueira, dissertação de doutoramento em História apresentada à Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, 1998 (texto fotocopiado).

Author: Helena Rodrigues
Translated by: Maria João Pimentel

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