Anthroponyms seta Anhaia, Pêro de

He was the commodore of the second squadron to leave Lisbon, in 1505, towards India. He should have been part of the viceroy?s armada (Dom Francisco de Almeida), but because his carrack shipwrecked while still sailing the Tagus River, he left later with a fleet of his own. This nobleman of the Royal House was of Castilian origin and joined the Beltraneja party. In his fleet were his son Francisco and a certain João Leite, from Santarém, the city where the Anhaia family resided. His mission in India was to build the Sofala fortress, but he died in 1506.

LACERDA, Teresa, Os Capitães das Armadas da Índia no Reinado de Manuel I ? uma avaliação social, Cascais, Câmara de Cascais, 2008, no prelo.

Author: Teresa Lacerda
Translated by: Maria das Mercês Pacheco

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