Anthroponyms seta MACHADO, Miguel

A merchant that settled in Macau in the first half of the 17th century, he is listed in the 1625 ?Lista De La gente Efetiua que Ay Em esta Ciudad Assy Visinos Como Estrauagantes forasteros E gente De lla tierra? as a resident of the village of Sé. Together with António Rodrigues Cavalinho, he was appointed Judge in 1633 by Chief Judge Sebastião Soares Pais. He held the office of Municipal Procurator in 1633 and 1636 and was part of the circle of the Elected and of the Assistants during the 1630s. Having belonged to the wealthy, ruling and educated elite, he was a secular official in the Holy Office from at least 1639 onwards. He took part in the 1631-1636 debate over the type of election for the Travel Administrator of the voyage to Japan imposed by the Viceroy, the Count of Linhares, following a proposal by Chief Judge Sebastião Soares Pais. In 1642, together with his brother-in-law Dâmaso Correa and Dom Francisco Castelo Branco, he supported the Jesuit Commissioners of the Holly Office, Fathers Gaspar Luís and Gaspar do Amaral, in the contractions between them and the Governor of the Bishopric, Friar Bento de Cristo. He was amongst the signatories of the Term of 31 May 1642, when King Dom João IV was acclaimed in Macau. Between 1645 and 1646, he took part in the debate on the sending of an embassy to Japan, an idea which he favoured. By the 1640s, he had already lived in Macau for some 32 years.

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Translated by: John Silva

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