Anthroponyms seta CAMPO, António do

This knight was the son of Eanes do Campo and Isabel de Távora, the only daughter of Pedro Lourenço de Távora, Lord of Mogadouro. He left for India in 1502, as captain of a ship, holding the same position again in 1506; and his maternal uncle, Francisco de Távora, was also a captain in the 1506 fleet. He was with Duarte Pacheco Pereira in the Cochin battle against the Zamorin of Calicut. In order to oversee the loading of the pepper ships, he would go with Afonso de Albuquerque and Pero de Ataíde to Kollam. António do Campo arrived back in Portugal on 13 July, 1504. In 1506, he was part of the fleet commanded by Afonso de Albuquerque. Once in India, they headed first to Socotra then to Ormuz where António do Campo, Afonso Lopes da Costa, and Manuel Teles Barreto deserted António de Albuquerque. In September 1508, under the command of Pero Barreto Magalhães, he patrolled the coasts of Calicut and Baticala. On 12 December, 1508, he fought in the battle of Diu. In 1509 on his way back to Portugal, he died in Aguada de Saldanha with the Viceroy, Dom Francisco de Almeida.

LACERDA, Teresa, Os Capitães das Armadas da Índia no Reinado de Manuel I ? uma avaliação social, Cascais, Câmara de Cascais, 2009, no prelo.

Author: Teresa Lacerda
Translated by: Maria João Pimentel

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