Anthroponyms seta CABREIRA, Lopo

Left for India in 1518 as captain of the fleet. Information on this captain is scarce, not even João de Barros is able to tell who his parents were. On the Nobiliário (a register of names, titles, crests and traditions of the royalty) by Felgueiras Gaio, under the Cabreiras entry we can find a Lopo Cabreira, of noble birth and belonging to the Royal House, but we cannot tell for sure that it is one and the same. In 1518 he left to fill in the assignment of chief alcaide of Malacca, and there are references that he held the office until at least 1520. Is this the same Lopo Cabreira mentioned, in 1518, as being part of the Royal Council?

LACERDA, Teresa, Os Capitães das Armadas da Índia no Reinado de Manuel I ? uma avaliação social, Cascais, Câmara de Cascais, 2008, no prelo.

Author: Teresa Lacerda
Translated by: Maria das Mercês Pacheco

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