Anthroponyms seta FIGUEREDO, Luís Pinto

Merchant established in Macao in the first half of the 17th century, he participated in the debate of 1631-1637 on the new type of election for travel Administrator to Japan, which was imposed by the Viceroy Count of Linhares, upon suggestion of the Chief Judge Sebastião Soares Pais.

In 1621, he was among the oldest and most prominent citizens of the city. On the occasion of the acclamation of Dom João IV in the city, he signed the Term of May 31st, 1642; in the same year, he was Clerk in Santa Casa da Misericórdia. He stood out in the contradictions in which Governor of Bishopric of China Friar Bento de Cristo opposed to the Commissaries of the Holy Office, Father Gaspar Luis and Father Gaspar do Amaral, and he supported the Society of Jesus, acting in accordance with Governor General D. Sebastião Lobo da Silveira.

In 1643, he was among the neighbours of Macao that struggled to reinforce the local power in what concerned autonomy, and he elected the associate Procurators of the people.

He participated in the 1645-1646 debate on sending an Embassy to Japan and sided with those in favour of the project.

PENALVA, Elsa, Lutas pelo Poder em Macau (c.1590-c.1660), Universidade de Lisboa, 2005 (dissertação de doutoramento policopiada).

Author: Elsa Penalva
Translated by: Ana Pereira

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