Anthroponyms seta LIMA, D. João de

2nd Viscount of Vila Nova de Cerveira (? -1508).

The oldest son of Leonel de Lima, Viscount of Vila Nova de Cerveira, and of Dona Filipa da Cunha. He was the father of four by his marriage, in 1472, with Dona Catarina de Ataíde, daughter of Dom Gonçalo de Ataíde, Lord of Gaião. Two of his children were Dom Francisco de Lima, 3rd Viscount, and Dom Diogo de Lima, governor of Kochi. While still married to his first wife he had a love affair with Dona Catarina de Melo, and a daughter, Isabel de Lima, was born shortly after. His second marriage was celebrated in 1494. The bride, Dona Isabel de Melo, was the daughter of Martim Afonso de Melo, 7th Lord of Melo. The couple had a daughter, Dona Beatriz. Given his father?s longevity, Dom João would not receive the Viscountcy until late in life, probably at the age of seventy. He was appointed by Dom Afonso V chief keeper to Prince Dom João, a post that he held until the prince ascended to the throne. He was also a participant in the Portuguese expedition to Alcacer Ceguer, in 1458, during the reign of Afonso V. He stayed in Northern Africa until 1462. After that, he fought in the Battle of Toro, in 1476, with his brother Fernão de Lima and his father.

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Author: Sofia Diniz
Translated by: Leonor Sampaio da Silva

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