Anthroponyms seta FERNANDES, Álvaro

According to Zurara, he was ?raised since childhood? in the Privy Chamber of Infante Dom Henrique. In 1445 and 1446, he was captain of a caravel armed by Joao Gonçalves Zarco, his uncle. From him, he got strict orders not to dedicate his time to capturing slaves, but to sail as further south as possible and bring something which impressed Infante Dom Henrique. In 1446, he reached Cap ? Vert and Cap Rouge (Cabo dos Mastros), and sailed on for several dozens of miles, maybe reaching the north of today?s Guinea ? Bissau. During his return, he went by Arguin. His discovery endeavours granted him a reward from the Prince Regent, Dom Pedro, and from Infante Dom Henrique. He received 200 doubloons for having gone further than any other navigator until then. In 1458, one Alvaro Fernandes, squire of Infante Dom Henrique, worked as overseer of civil deeds and crimes in Alcacer. However, it is not possible to assert that this was the same man.

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Author: Teresa Lacerda
Translated by: Marília Pavão

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