Anthroponyms seta LOMELLINI, Giovan Battista

An Italian merchant and native of Genoa, he was a successful producer of sugar, and his participation in the Portuguese economy afforded him a letter of privilege from King Dom Afonso V on 31 October, 1468.

On 27 November, 1471, by declaration of the same monarch, he achieved naturalization as a Portuguese citizen, as did his relatives, Marco Lomellini and Francesco Calvo. He settled in Madeira in 1476, where he was married.

ALESSANDRINI, Nunziatella, Os italianos na Lisboa de 1500 a 1680: das hegemonias florentinas às genovesas (tese de doutoramento), Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, 2009.

Author: Raquel Prazeres
Translated by: Maria João Pimentel

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